Monday, June 11, 2007

Things that totally made my weekend

1. Eddie Izzard on The Daily Show. Two fabulous, hilarious, witty men debating the American Revolution. I'm in heaven.

2. Spouse finishing his first half-marathon. And we got to cheer him on. In the rain.

3. Homemade chocolate chip cookies. Made to celebrate Spouse's race. Eaten mostly by me.

4. Dragon boat races. In the rain. But not all that much rain.

5. The kids are just paragons of cuteness these days. Wild Boy has taken to giving these monster hugs that nearly choke you (but in a good way!) DQ wants me (not Daddy, ME) to sing her a song at night. Daddy got has his parting words last night, "Goose poopies are yucky." (we had seen some goose poopies at the races this weekend, so it was in context.) I got "I love you, you make me happy."

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Blogger Jade said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I miss the Rose Festival stuff... but I got to watch the Grand Floral Parade up here. Two of my nieces marched in it, and I talked with one at length about the joys of hanging with the marching band (even though she was marching with the color guard)

I feel inspired to go make some cookies. :)

4:24 PM  

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