Sunday, March 30, 2008

I don't get it (aka I'm old)

I recently rented Hairspray. I like the original Ricki Lake version, and I saw the Broadway version a couple of years ago, so I was intrigued to see how it would translate to film.

It was ok. But I had one major problem. This guy?

Neither cute enough, nor talented enough, to play Link. Compare him to Michael St. Gerard, who played Link in the 1988 version. Dude looked like Elvis. Seriously.

So I eventually looked up this "Zac Efron" character, and came to realize he's the star of Disney's High School Musical franchise, and therefore the hottest thing to hit 12 year olds since, well, the Coreys. I don't get it. Which means...

I'm old.

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Blogger Jade said...

I enjoyed the costumes, and I love anything with Christopher Walkin... so I thought it was fun. Nikki Blonsky was a great Tracy though.

I recognized Zac because I see a lot of High School Musical backpacks when I go to the school. I'm personally amazed that kids in Gayle's class have that "I love Troy" mentality already. Goes to show the marketing power of Disney, doesn't it?

I still haven't seen HSM or HSM2. I want to, because the idea of a musical about a musical is spoofy enough that I'll probably laugh all the way through it (kind of the way I did with "Enchanted")

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:08 PM  
Blogger Lore.! said...

Zac Efron is a great actor. He is hotter than Michael St. Gerard (my opinion).
Zac is young and talented.. he's much better than many famous actors around hollywood.
I can't compare him to Michael St. Gerard because zac is much better, thats what I think..
you may think different.. everybody has their own opinion (:
Zac is much more than just a High School Musical character, he is respected around the world by many famous and not famous people..
He was named by People magazine one of the sexiest men alive (:
That picture of zac in your post is old hahaha
try this ones:

And I dont have to be 12 years old to like him or HSM ;)trust me..

12:08 PM  

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