Monday, March 24, 2008

The Sweet Sixteen

Ok, so I've resigned myself to the fact that Duke isn't in it. (Yeah, quite frankly, I'm not surprised.) But who's gonna walk away with the whole thing? In my infinite knowledge, I give you the Sweet Sixteen:

  • North Carolina. Yeah, they're good. If I didn't hate Hansbrough so much, I'd be ok with that.

  • Washington State. Go Pacific Northwest Bias! My Husky friends will hurt me for this, but I'd love to see them knock off UNC. (Not that it's actually going to happen....)

  • Louisville. Yeah, I guess they're good.

  • Tennessee. Gotta love Coach Pearl. I really like these guys, and I have them going to the final four, so go Vols! (Rob will be happy, Miss M. will be miserable.)

  • Kansas. Go turkeys! (that's what my daughter calls the Jayhawk.) I'm not actually cheering for them, but I admit the likelihood of them advancing.

  • Villanova. Well, I guess they DO deserve to be there! I was wrong.

  • Wisconsin. Shut up. You're eminently beatable. I really hope it happens.

  • Davidson: Hells, yes! I'd have a crush on Stephen Curry if it didn't make me feel like an old perv. Spouse is less bothered by age difference with his little crush on Stephen's Mom. Stephen's mom has got it going on.

  • Memphis. My overall pick to win it all.
    Not going with my heart, but with my head on this one.

  • MSU. Not a fan of Izzo.

  • Stanford. I'd love to see these guys do well.

  • Texas. Hook'em Horns! I can cheer for these guys. One small problem: they're playing Stanford, where I almost went to school, and where I have some almost-PNW bias. Can't both of these teams win?

  • UCLA. K-Love is for real. Now that the Ducks and Singler are out, Oregon represent!

  • WKU. Knocking off UCLA? I don't see it happening. But then, I've been wrong before (many, many, many times.)

  • Xavier. Go!!!!

  • West Virginia. Sure, why not? I'd be happy with either of these teams advancing.

    My brackets are, shall we say, flat busted. So I rejoice in the fact that some higher seeds (especially Davidson, even though I had them losing in the first round) are shaking things up.



    Blogger K-Lyn said...

    Sorry. Davidson...I can't get behind that name. Nad they caused me the most damage.

    Still, I have 9 teams still in it and NC to go all the way (beating UCLA)

    12:01 PM  
    Blogger Neel Mehta said...

    Wazzu is totally going to knock off UNC. Say goodbye to your brackets, K-Lyn and Barack Obama.

    And I agree with Spouse; Mrs. Curry does seem to have it goin' on.

    4:20 PM  
    Blogger Quinn said...

    Are you saying Derrick Lowe is going to light UNC up for 40 points?

    9:28 AM  
    Blogger Neel Mehta said...

    Doubtful. More likely that the Cougars hold UNC to 40 points.

    5:02 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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    7:28 PM  
    Blogger Quinn said...

    I agree completely with Anonymous.... bet he's leading his bracket group!

    9:34 PM  

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