Monday, August 07, 2006

Resistance is Useless!

I can put off unpleasant tasks for as long as I want, but eventually they need to be done. Today, I finally did the topic sentence exercise for Chapter 2. This involved highlighting every paragraph's topic sentence, making sure it clearly identified what the paragraph was about, making sure the subsequent sentences actually related to the topic sentence, and then seeing if said paragraphs were arranged in a logical manner (um, they weren't.)

Surprisingly, it only took an hour or so, and the results read very nicely! Advisor really knows what she's talking about (dammit, I knew that, didn't I?)

Progress is being made:
  • chapter 2 and 3 edits from Second Reader are done!
  • topic sentence exercise for chapter 2 is done!
  • chapter 1 edits from Second Reader are started!
  • chapter 6 edits from Advisor are started!
  • Footnote check is started!

    Things I'm still avoiding:
  • editing my introduction
  • editing my conclusion
  • long list of source-checks, which involves going into town to the library. I'm thinking Thursday for that task.

    Goal: full draft to fabulous non-academics by next week. Full draft to Advisor (possibly committee?) by end of the month.

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    Blogger Elle said...

    wow. that's a goal--might conflict with the plans i had for your time... see my latest post :-)

    10:57 PM  
    Blogger Quinn said...

    Elle, I would WELCOME a chance to read something that has nothing to do with my stuff. Send it along.

    10:36 AM  
    Blogger Jade said...

    That sounds like a really good exercise, as unpleasent as it might have been to get started with it. You've inspired me to face my Unpleasent Task of the Week. :)

    9:05 AM  

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