Monday, July 31, 2006

My Night with Johnny Depp*

The Drama Queen is on the mend from her horrendous stomach complaint, but needed a little additional comforting last night. So at 10:30, she came into my room and asked for a song and a cuddle. The cuddle turned into me climbing into bed with her, where she would grab desperately for me every time I made a move to return to my own bed. So eventually I rolled over (well, such as you can in a twin bed) and went to sleep. I awoke next to this:

DQ had left me to sleep in Daddy's (spacious, underoccupied) bed. At last, I was alone with Johnny. Don't you wish you led a life even half as exciting as mine?

*well, the McDonald's Happy Meal version of him, at least!


Anonymous kr pdx said...

Ahhh ... someone else whose life has been disturbed by the 4 inch soft sculpture that somehow still communicates "Johnny" ...

(words fail me)

3:13 PM  

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