Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's an Introduction, Charlie Brown!

(Good grief! Where did that title come from?)

Now, I haven't read it over, but I am currently printing the first draft of my dissertation's introduction. After a quick survey, scan of Reviews in American History, and a little experimentation, I've decided to go with the past tense for my lit review. Since I start with some dead authors, it seemed logical. Although I end with one book published in 2006. But whatever. If it's wrong, it will be corrected. For now, I needed to move on.

I've also combined the whole thing into one document so that I could do the wacky formatting and margin stuff desired by my university. Length? As Homer would say, "239 and Feelin' Fine!"

Now it's on to the conclusion (if I'm feeling creative) and revisions (if I'm not.)


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