Tuesday, February 14, 2006

V-Day, not 1945

Before Spouse, I never managed to have a significant other during this most hallowed holiday of commercial displays of affection. So the holiday didn't do much for me for a long time. But there is one Valentine's Day that sticks out in my memory.

Freshman year in college, I had recently broken up with Stalker Dude (long overdue). Two platonic male friends were also going it alone -- one having broken up with his hometown girlfriend over the semester break and the other, well, I don't remember what his story was. So the three of us were chatting and walking out the dorm to classes that morning and Platonic Male Friend 1 makes the comment that there was no V-day kiss for any of us. Platonic Male Friend 2 says, "well, let's kiss each other." So PMF 1 kisses me (chaste peck), I kiss PMF 2(chaste peck), and PMF 2 kisses PMF 1 (yes, chaste peck).

This story would have no real lasting significance had it not been for certain rumors that continue to this day. Among certain circles of my college friends, rumors abound that Platonic Male Friend 2 became a porn star after graduation. Yes, a porn star! (And yes, he's got the body for it, as far as I have seen.)

In fact, at our college reunion, I ran into PMF 2 and was bold enough to strike up a conversation with hopes of confirming or denying the rumor. Conversation re-created to the best of my knowledge:

Me: Hey, how are you doing?
PMF2: Good, good, and you?
Me: Great. What are you doing these days?
PMF2: Well, I moved to LA and I'm working in the entertainment industry.
Me: [!!!] Really? What are you doing?
PMF2: A little bit of everything. Writing, acting, you know.
Me: [!!!] That sounds great.

I then chickened out of any of my possible follow-up questions (perhaps "Anything I might have seen?") I wished him well and departed.

I'm so lame! But then, I've kissed a porn star! (Well, maybe.)


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