Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Working Song

My daughter was informed yesterday that she absolutely must clean her room. After whining and griping for a while, wheedling her father and I to do it for her, she was finally left alone to do the job.

We come back a few minutes later to find her leaning out the window, singing. Hey, it worked for Giselle in Enchanted:

No rats, cockroaches, or pigeons assisted her. But eventually, her daddy did.



Blogger Jade said...

I got to the point one day (after finding messes in Gayle's bedroom, playroom, her toys in the basement and the family room) that I said "no playing until everything is clean!"

It took about 5 days... slow progress because she actually played *while* cleaning (talking to her dolls about what she was doing, and talking to the toys about why they had to be put away) but she eventually found the end herself.

And it kept her occupied while I cleaned the rest of the house.

11:27 PM  

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