Friday, July 18, 2008

Family Reunion

I mentioned to my friend E that the trip to Colorado was a family reunion, a visit with 23 total cousins (11 of which were under the age of 11). She asked if it was my side or Spouse's. Come now. Not even counting the Mormon branch of the family, who we very rarely even talk to, I don't have 23 cousins. So this was Spouse's fam.

A very good trip. It was nice that all the cousins got to see each other. And, you know, there's stuff to do in Colorado.

[picture removed]
The Wild Boy with his two compatriots, all enjoying Teddy Grahams. (Memories, ~n!)

Three 3-year-olds. Chaos reigned supreme, needless to say.

[picture removed]
DQ hanging with her older cousins.

Lots of time outdoors enjoying ourselves. Pony rides, hiking, rafting, pedal boats, barbeques, and for after the kids went to bed, a rousing game of 80s music trivia.

Pictures will be removed shortly. Enjoy for now.

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Blogger elle said...

cutie pies! DQ's hair is gorgeous.

10:31 PM  
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