Monday, December 18, 2006

Travel Karma's going to get you

Sorry for the radio silence. We've been visiting family (and I've been graduating) Down South. The Christmas season with the Spouse's family is always a little overwhelming, and this year has certainly lived up to that.

Where to begin? We arrived on Wednesday after the best plane trip with two kids under four one could ever expect. They were calm and manageable on the flight, WB slept, DQ watched a movie quietly. Both Spouse and I got to watch the in-flight movie, Talledega Nights. A fun time, provided you aren't spending any money on it. The bags were at baggage claim when we got there, the rental car was at the rental car place when we got there. It was fantastic. Spouse noted that we better drive to his dad's house very carefully, as we were sure something disastrous would happen to compensate for the easy trip. Tempting fate further, we arrived safe and sound at the in-laws'.

Thursday morning, WB got "the el vomito," as T would say. I was running copies of my dissertation through the dean's office, which took longer than anticipated due to toner and printer problems (I guess Jesus was too busy prepping for his birthday party to look over our office equipment!) Anyway, by the time I got situated, WB had already puked all over his carseat, and when Spouse removed the cover to clean it, the foam lining broke. Off to the store to get a new carseat!

Needless to say, the trip to the bindery didn't get done, nor did dinner with my study group (who were all recovering from grading hell, so they were probably ready for a night off anyway).

WB is doing better now. More on the continued course of "the el vomito" when time permits.

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Blogger Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Glad the little guy's doing better. Sorry about the pukes (that's what we called them in my house, growing up).

11:25 AM  

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