Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I was dreading the possibility of going to my Ph.D. graduation alone, since Spouse would be at home with WB and his vomit. Remarkably, WB turned it around and was amazingly chipper the next moring. I gave him a goodbye kiss as I left for graduation, praying that he wouldn't throw up on my rented regalia. He didn't. Whew!

Spouse said he's try to come by toward the end of the ceremony if possible. So I lined up and hoped for the best.

Cool thing: when you're in doctoral robes, people you don't know will congratulate you. Other graduates will congratulate you. It was strange. In the restroom before the procession, all the women were telling me that I had the coolest hat (yes, I completely did! For the first time in my life, I was the best dressed girl in the room.) That was nice.

I sat through the ceremony with my Advisor, which provided nice closure to the graduate experience. She also has a moderate snarky streak, so we had a pleasant time (sotto voce) catching up on department gossip. I also enjoyed peering at the banners in the rafters in between snarky comments. Graduation was at the basketball stadium, and Graduate University has a storied history on the hardcourt. That was pleasant as well.

When I went up to get hooded, I saw Spouse and WB waving and cheering for me. They made it after all! The ceremony ended, I exited the stadium and reunited with my family. WB excitedly put my had on and we took pictures (I hope they come out!)

All in all, a nice conclusion to eight years of graduate school.

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