Thursday, April 13, 2006

Don't have time for the Dissertation? Buy it!

As many of you know, Gmail gives you a sidebar of ads chosen based on key words in your emails. So after a few messages about my dissertation and the writing process, I'm getting dissertation-related ads. This would include some places for discount thesis binding, software and bibliography services, and a very entertaining link to a paper-writing service.

I had to check it out.

I will not link to them or mention their name, but this is a site that offers to write papers to order for you, anything from a high school term paper to a Ph.D. dissertation. Now, I've seen term paper writing sites before (and I've busted students who have hired them), but I must admit I've never seen one that offered MA theses and Ph.D. dissertations. How would that even work? Is your committee full of idiots?

The best (read: most ironic) part of the site was their warning on plagiarism. Aside from the obvious (buying your paper is plagiarism) they GUARANTEE that their work is not sold more than once, and therefore will not show up on plagiarism-tracking services that schools subscribe to these days. As one of their writers says, If research is conducted thoroughly and a good understanding of the subject is achieved, there should be no need for plagiarism.

They also include a disclaimer which basically refutes everything they've said elsewhere on the site: Our papers are produced for research purposes only; they are not to be submitted as your own work under any conditions. (I'm sure that's what your client base has in mind.) Plagiarists – are they pressed for time, or couldn’t they care less, or what? Ethics and morals need a place always, and whatever. (Whatever.)

Then there are the testimonials:

The paper looks well written
It looks well written? You couldn't even be bothered to read it after you'd paid for it?

Thank you very good essay. I am very hapy with you people. Before i tryed lots websites but your service is the best.
What can I say?

And of course, the company is hiring. The site advertises for new writers with the following material:

If you're an academic that wants to be part of the best there is and would relish the chance to help others succeed, then we want to hear from you. If your successful in your application you'll have the oppurtunity to receive a high yield flexible income whislt further refining your academic skills in the areas of your choice.

"Your?" "whislt?" I felt a strange compulsion to correct the grammar and spelling on their site. Perhaps print it out, mark it through with a red pen, and inform them that I would hesitate to give them a B on their work, despite their claims that all papers were B quality or better.

And from such a company, you can get a 200 page graduate thesis for the bargain basement price of $3990. Where do I sign up?

Eek! Don't want to be a plagiarist. I should note that all quotes in green are from www(dot)masterpapers(dot)com.


Blogger Neel Mehta said...

Gosh, you're harsh. These freelance dissertation writers need to make a living somehow. What's interesting is trying to figure out who would want to work there...

1. Former academics guilty of plagiarism.

2. Teachers fired for having sex with their students.

3. Legit professors working undercover with Department of Education investigators. (The special dictum unit?)

12:47 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

Wow, I have so missed my calling. Anyone need a dissertation on historical misunderstandings of Wagner's Parsifal? Anyone? Hello? Oh.

6:48 PM  
Blogger Quinn said...

Andy, you're giving it away for free on your site. I need to develop a network in the music school to see if anybody else has been turning in your work as their own.

8:16 AM  
Blogger Lawmummy said...

That is hysterical. And I am fairly certain that the Supernanny wrote that last paragraph whilst in the car on her way to save another family...

5:07 AM  
Anonymous MeWriteGood said...


For those of you who do not already know, (Nicola) owns It's a classic, double-edged con. Nicola uses Academia Research to bring in eager (yet uninformed) writers of whom she will take advantage down the road, and then she uses MasterPapers to suck in naive clients to whom she delivers plagiarized material. It's a neverending cycle of fraud. claims that their address is in the Empire State Building. That is a bold-faced lie. All she does is use to provide a FAKE business address. She doesn't even have an office! Her business address is nothing more than an empty mailbox! In fact, when another member of put Nicola on the spot, Nicola couldn't even name the coffee shops that are across the street from the Empire State Building! Why? Because she's never even been to New York, let alone run a business there! She's Ukrainian. She's crooked--plain and simple.

Oh, I just looked at the home page again, and guess what? Nicola removed the deceitful Empire State Building address because I, and others, exposed it as fraudulent. Unfortunately for her, she was too stupid to remove that fake address from her other pages. So I've taken a full-screen picture of the "About Us" page at so that everyone can still view her fraudulent address:

Writers, stay away from "Academia Research." Students, stay away from MasterPapers.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MasterPapers is a scam! After they plagiarised my essay I found some information about them. MasterPapers is affiliated with in Russia / Ukraine.  You may also read other complaints about MasterPapers at and  Can you trust a Ukrainian-operated outfit with a "corporate address" that is actually a small CONDO in the state of Maine?

1:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are there any legitimate academic writing services available? I am a 2yr old ABD.

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:24 AM  
Blogger Quinn said...

Well, I suggest writing your own damn papers, and not paying somebody else to help you cheat. But then, that's just me. What do I know?

6:39 PM  
Blogger esquiva07 said...

People who buy their essays from these sites are making sure they fail their courses. If someone doesn't keep up with their OWN work then when it comes to the exam they'll fail, and if there's no exam then they'll fail later in life when they go to get a related job and know nothing of their subject. Besides cheats always get found out somewhere along the line.
I'm concerned that academia research has so many medical papers up for sale...lets hope these cheats don't go into the operating theatre!!! As for the spelling mistakes...Yep its a sad world where having a face like victoria Beckham and spraying yourself orange is a more valid use of time than getting an education. In my opinion universities let in morons incapable of independent thought.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More than half of these topics is lie written by competitors.
I used and they did their job well.

7:12 AM  
Anonymous susan said...

I order form!before they do a good job and I told all my friends, they are always on time and do a great job

7:24 PM  
Anonymous W. Anthony Malcolm said...

Thanks Mr. Quinn for this blog post (and thanks to all the comments).

I am looking for freelance writing opportunities, as I want to be a stay at home father, and came across It looked really tempting, but I always feel - good things on the internet are always too good to be true. So I did some checking, and I guess it is true. Or so to speak - not true.

You know it wasn't the grammar mistakes that tipped me off. It was the Contact phone number. Looked strange to me. "For such a professional service, why did they mess up the phone number?" It just looked fishy to me.

I agree with you 100%. Write your own papers. My wife completed her 4 year university education and wrote all her papers in English, and she is Japanese, and the university is in Japan. She had little exposure to everyday. English is a foreign language to her. She never plagiarized one sentence. I didn't even help her by proofreading/editing, although I really wanted to (she wouldn't let me). If people are too lazy to write a paper then get out of the field you are in.

Anyway, thanks for this post. Really helped. Hey, if you have the time, can you give some advice on really good freelance opportunities that don't require either party to do illegal things?

W. Anthony Malcolm
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6:46 PM  
Blogger Jagrit said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey jagrit! tnx mate. These guys did a good job with 2 of my papers. Got an A on both.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Masterpapers and Essay capital are both outfits of the same group, which scams people and if you go back to them with repeated revision requests, they threaten to inform the college authorities. I had the worst experience of my life with them.

I would recommend writing your own paper, which is the best option, but if you still want to take someone's help, look for a writer and pay him only after you have got your paper.


3:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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