Sunday, April 02, 2006

"You find yourself in just the spot"

We took the family to the local touchy-feely grocery store today. I'm scanning the aisles for organic unsweetened applesauce when I pause. Cock my head. Listen. It's the instrumental opening of a song I know but do not expect to hear outside of my Launch station. My mind hums like a Pentium chip. Indigo Girls? Girlyman? It's DAR!!!! Holy crap, the grocery store is playing Dar Williams???? And not just any Dar; NEW Dar. "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere," to be specific.

But wait, there's more. On our way out, Spouse stops the cart to listen intently and says, "They're playing Great Big Sea."

"No they're not!" I protest in disbelief. 'Cause that would be too much.

"Wait. You're right. It's that one that's like Great Big Sea, but that you hate."

"Carbon Leaf?"

"Yeah, them."


Blogger K-Lyn said...

Aw...You don't like the Leaf? That's too bad. I met them when they opened for Great Big Sea actually. Very nice, cute, and oddly pro music sharing guys. Their version of Meri-Mac though? Yeah, whatever.

Can you bring this grovery store with you? Or is it a case like when I worked retail and we would play our own mixes when approved by the boss. Maybe they just have one really cool employee...

1:27 PM  
Blogger Quinn said...

Spouse digs the Leaf. I don't know what it is, but when they come up on the Lauch station, I can instantaneously identify it as "something I don't like." Before lyrics even start.

1:29 PM  

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