Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Crushing the Big D

I've hit a bit of a wall with the dissertation. I'm working on chapters 1 and 2, still debating whether they should be one big chapter (currently sitting at 40 pages, and I'm not really interested in making any chapter larger than 50 pages) or if they should be divided. I'm going thematic rather than chronological (although I tend to divide between pre-WWI and post-WWI, since that's the centerpiece of my work.

Either way, since I'm stuck, I've done a couple of exercises to get me thinking and make me feel like I'm working. First, I developed a table of contents. First time I've done that. It kind of rocked. It allowed me to list out what I've accomplished and what I'm working on. Adding it all up, I've written 160 pages! That made me feel rather impressed with myself. (Even if I admit that many of those 160 pages are rather craptastic.)

Then I started brainstorming chapter titles. I actually really like what I've come up with for Chapter 2, if it ends up existing. Chapter 1 is still under the working title, "The Phantom Menace." I'm having no luck.

Still, the Dissertation Sisterhood are meeting on Thursday for lunch, so I've got lots to say and lots of ask.

Edited to Add: I sent Spouse a brief email mentioning that I've written 160 pages (yay) but that I was stuck (boo!) His response follows:

damn, i don't even know the last time i READ 160 pages. you rock. and you are doing great. so you're stuck... go out and buy yourself a glossy plastic folder -- that's how you know its really professional.


love you. hang in there.

There are times when I think that I may just have snagged the greatest guy in all the world.


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