Wednesday, January 03, 2007

And in the end...

Julie employed a new take on the end-of-the-year meme, trying out the last line of each month of blogging. So here goes:

  • My own teeth (credit to Emily for that, a favorite phrase).
  • I have lost to February.
  • Last night, he brought me his "wheels on the bus" book and did all the hand motions with me.
  • "So does Jesus need to choose between getting you a job and fixing the copy machine?"
  • Yeah, just for you.
  • It's amazing how memories can make a mediocre song seem so much better.
  • Don't you wish you led a life even half as exciting as mine?
  • And for those of you who have never seen it, Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing.
  • It's almost enough to forgive them Shammond Williams. Almost.
  • If there's one thing that a "small" government does, it's try to run the sex lives of your average 28 year old.
  • Is Mommy ready for her (most likely last) child to be a big boy? Hmm...
  • My niece's Christmas present, a sweater and hat set that turned out remarkably well.

    Observations: I cheated in the case of one-word sentences, in order to present more context. I quote people (like Dar Williams). I don't write in complete sentences. Blame it on the dissertation. Highlight: definitely Spouse's quote about the powers of Jesus! (And the comments that followed from several of my Christian readers attesting to the multitasking abilities of JC).

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