Sunday, November 19, 2006

Best Child-Centered Shopping Trip Ever.

I was solo-parenting most of this weekend, and because it's raining and I'm a heathen, I needed to come up with some activity that is outside of the house but inside some other building, and open before noon on a Sunday. Answer: go to Target and buy WB some new shoes.

Best shopping trip ever.

We wisely began our voyage by stopping at the grandparents' house to visit. They quickly turned on Max and Ruby and asked if DQ wanted to stay with them while I took the boy shopping. She happily assented. So did I.

So off I went to Target with just one child (so much easier!) We headed straight for the shoe aisle. No "I want to look at toys." No "I want a hot dog." Just straight for the shoes. When we got there, WB sat down cooperatively and took off his shoes. He tried two pair. On the second one, I asked him if he liked them, and he replied, "Tankoo, Mommy!" and immediately got up to walk around. Sold.

He spent the rest of the trip telling me "Tankoo, Mommy" while I paid for the shoes, walked to the parking lot, and loaded him back in his car seat. When we got back to the grandparents' house, he walked in, kicking his feet proudly to show off his new shoes.

Wow. That couldn't have gone any better.


Blogger Sarah said...

That sounds great! Shoe shopping is awful for us because RB has oddly-shaped feet and shoes simply don't fit her. She gets so disappointed when we don't buy any shoes that I always buy her something else to make up for it. I'm solo-parenting most weekends, and I must confess I have been going to church most weeks just so RB can go somewhere and have children to play with.

4:55 AM  
Blogger Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Good boy! (And nice to be near the grandparents, no?)

7:55 AM  
Blogger liz said...

Dying of the cuteness!!!

7:50 PM  

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