Monday, September 18, 2006

This Post is Not FCC-Approved

WB is saying more and more words, but still struggles with opening consonants. Which leads to scenes like that a few days ago, in which he sat in his carseat, looking out at traffic, saying, "Oh, fuck."

Quinn: "What was that?"
WB: "Oh, fuck. Fuck, fuck."
Spouse: "What is he saying?"
DQ: "He's telling the truck to go."
WB: "Yeah."


Is it wrong to turn on Contemporary Christian music, and say out loud to yourself, "This is such a fucking good song!"? I guess better than had I said, "Jesus H. Christ, this is good music!" or "God-damn that's good!"


Blogger Elle said...

you are crazy!!

come back to U City!

10:38 AM  
Anonymous kr ;) said...

well, I suppose since Christians can listen to secular music ;) ...

5:11 PM  

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