Thursday, August 24, 2006

I [Heart] the Pacific Time Zone!

Elle and I agreed to exchange chapters, and set yesterday as our deadline. Thank goodness Elle is as understanding of deadlines as I am! I got the following message from her Wednesday afternoon:

by 11:59 right?

To which I responded:

11:59 my time?

To which she responded:

oh, most definitely.

I'll have you know, we BOTH met our deadlines. Rock on.


Blogger Jade said...

It's nice to have that time zone difference. When I worked in export I dealt with the New Zealand office & they are almost a full day ahead of us (like 22 hours or something) Our conversations would consist of a lot of "I'll have that for you tomorrow" "Um, tomorrow is Saturday here" "Oh yeah, you're a day ahead. Well don't tell me what happens, I want it to be a surprise!"

10:40 PM  

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