Thursday, January 31, 2008

Scenes from a Duke Game on DVR

Evidently, to raise awareness about the environment, people handed out green T-shirts to the Cameron Crazies prior to the game.

Spouse: "Nothing says I care about the environment more than a cheap T-shirt you're going to throw away." At halftime, down by 9 to NC State, many Duke fans shed their t-shirt and toss them into recycling bins at midcourt.


Announcer Len Elmore notes that Duke is slapping the floor in a show of increased defensive intensity. Camera pans to assistant coach Wojo.

Len: "And there's the guy who started it."
Quinn and Spouse (in unison): "No he didn't!"


Spouse: "I miss Dickie V."
Quinn: "Welcome to the dark side."


Artist's rendition of Cigarette Guy:

(Yes, he kind of looks like Jon Scheyer. Not spookily so. But close enough.) I ran into him on campus today. He couldn't get away from me fast enough.


We won. Some fantastic plays. I love DeMarcus. Way to go, Paulus!

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