Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Perfect Storm

Today, the Perfect Storm hit. In my book, that's a snowstorm that cancels school where I work, but not where my kids go. This was the best: not only was their school open and on time, but the roads here were perfectly clear.

What did I do on my snow day?
  • Graded 30 short assignments.
  • Finished reading A History of the World in Six Glasses. Hat tip to Liz for the suggestion.
  • Watched the rest of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Spouse. I loves me some Weasley Twins!
  • Worked on my crocheted skirt. Nearing knee-length.
  • Took a bath. Ahh....
  • Bathed my dogs. Not fun, but really needed to get done.
  • Got the oil changed in my car (and the headlight fixed, and the axle regreased or whatever...)
  • Had alone time.

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