Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Running Hot and Cold

What a trip! Our visit to Cascadia stuffed about as much into one week as humanly possible, and that's before DQ got croup.

Long and short: we bought a house. It's fantastic. Needs a little cosmetic work, but the price was fabulous and the neighborhood was exactly what we wanted. Walking distance to the elementary school, the preschool, the gym, and several restaurants. Yay! Also, a bargain and in really good shape. We bought it and signed the kids up for the coming year in preschool. That all went really well.

Everything else? Not so much. Closing on our Lawndale house went "smoothly" (that is, until I actually checked to see if the money had arrived to pay off the mortgage). I did not relish spending hours on the phone -- often holding a cranky child or two -- with the bank and the title company determining exactly where the money was, when it was sent, and why it wasn't showing up anywhere. The title company blatantly lied to us, telling us that the money had been wired on Tuesday, when the tracking numbers they gave us indicated that it had not been sent until three days (and three irate phone calls with no response) later. ARGH!

In the midst of all this, a tree fell down on our former property... coming this close to hitting Spouses's car. But that situation got resolved quickly, thanks to the efforts of my dogsitter, my next door neighbor, and the buyer. Wonderful! And this was after the poorly-timed ceiling leak of two days before closing. Yet with a little scrambling, we managed to get out alive and in one piece from property ownership in Lawndale. Whew!

Spouse worked five swing shifts at his new job while in town, which was exhausting for him and exhausting for me, since I was home with the munchkins. And we couldn't even do fun stuff like enjoy the nice weather or go to the zoo! Just watch a lot of Noggin and cough. Croup sucks.

Add into the mix my one job-related lunch, in which a lovely professor basically told me that the market is not so good. But she gave me some good ideas of other things to do to put out some roots. So we'll see.

And speaking of professional development... I had brought one scholarly article and one essay to be edited with me on the trip. Figuring that was a reasonable amount of work to take with me for a week away from the diss. But did I even look at it? Of course not.

Anyway, back to work.


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Congrats on the new house. That's very exciting, and a huge thing off your plate now.

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