Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Narrow Your Eyes!

I've gone on record saying I don't approve too heartily of some of the lessons in the kids' show, "Max and Ruby". And after watching a couple of more episodes, I see that I still don't approve too heartily. Ruby is bossy and there is no parental supervision anywhere to be seen. But I admit it. I love Max!

Reason #1: He's devious. Devious is good. Well, not good, but entertaining.

Reason #2: He has a nemesis. It's like Maggie and Gerald, the baby with one eyebrow. I wish I could find an image of Max and Morris narrowing their eyes at one another. It's priceless. Both Spouse and I were laughing at the entire "Max Meets Morris" episode.

Reason #3: The animation is simple, yet projects expression surprisingly well. Max doesn't talk much, but his eyes say volumes! For instance, the picture to the right says, "Get me out of this @*&$ sailor suit!"

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Blogger Lawmummy said...

While reading your post, Katie yells from across the room, "CAN I SEE MAX AND RUBY PICTURES?" and promptly climbed on my lap to do so. She then said, "What pretty girl magazines." I have no idea what she means, but there you have it.

PS - I don't like Max and Ruby either because I couldn't figure out for far too long that Ruby wasn't the mom - and then I questioned where mom was...

10:47 AM  

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