Monday, March 09, 2009

Audiobook Kiss of Death

I recently started... and stopped the audiobook of Cry the Beloved Country. I was enjoying it -- really! -- but I just couldn't do it anymore. Instead, I went out and checked the hardback from the library.

Here's the thing. I drive close to 100 miles a day. I spend 2 hours in the car. It is a relaxing commute, with beautiful scenery and very little traffic, and I love my Prius. But my audio must not further relax me. The woman reading the audiobook had a lovely, lilting South African accent. She spoke slowly, with a relaxed and musical cadence. She complemented the text nicely.... she was putting me to sleep.

That's not what I'm looking for in an audiobook. Seriously. Kiss of death. The only other time this has happened was listening to Henry James' Portrait of a Lady. I liked the story, but just couldn't handle the audiobook.

Give me a good Sarah Vowell anyday. Funny, slightly nasal, and fascinating.

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