Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Online class WTF?

I opened the new term with a new online course, filled to the brim (and overflowing) with eager students. The first assignment they have in my class is to introduce themselves. Tell us their name and an interesting fact about themselves. Yada yada yada.

Then I get this one: "Hi, I'm [Student] and I'm a nympho."

I quickly deleted the message and sent [Student] a reply reminding her about what is appropriate for a class chatroom.

She replaces the message with, "Hi, I'm [Student] and I give in easily to peer pressure."

WTF? Is this something that should concern me? Or is this some sort of stupid-college-kid-style dare?



Anonymous kr said...


Ex went on a date a couple of months ago where the young woman in question (First Date, mind you) spent the time telling him just exactly what level of SM she was into.

... points for honesty, but ...

I'm kinda weirded out, though. Given all the stuff I saw developing while we were in high school and the occasional media "exposes" since then (not to mention Facebook fiascos), is her post so very out of line in a 'get to know me' conversation, for this generation? Does the college have rules forbidding it? I could see a reasonable, "chat must pertain reasonably to the classwork" rule for use of the websites, but if you've asked "who are you," you've opened up a non-classwork-related topic, and freedom of speech and self-definition would seem to apply.

Perhaps if you ask, "why are you taking this class" ;).

Not to say I don't think it's probably inappropriate (hence the initial "eww"). Though of the two of us I'm surprised that perhaps I am less nonplussed by it ;).

Perhaps like the WTC ... to me it was just another aspect of the general societal trends; I never felt the surprise/shock most folks seem to have felt.

In any case, if she perceives herself to be a nymphomaniac, it would logically be something to advertise. I thought her write-around was clever(, though still scary).

9:59 PM  
Blogger Quinn said...

See, I think the first date S&M convo is probably appropriate -- if it's a dealbreaker, better to find out before emotional investment.

And good point about advertising. :)

9:11 PM  
Anonymous kr said...


'Yeah, actually, that's what I thought, too--the second date decision would, for both of the people involved, be, and properly so, dependent on the tell-ee's reaction to the first-date expose'.

Very efficient. I can appreciate honesty and emotional efficiency ;).

10:53 PM  
Blogger EJ said...

No wonder your online class is popular...any chance i can get your students number:)

reminds me of the girl in the Duke pigbook who put for hobbies: (blowing bubbles and mindgames). You may not remember this, but i'm sure M and V will remember!!!!

8:40 AM  

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