Saturday, January 17, 2009

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3 hours is too long for a child's birthday party. I'm just saying.

Bonus Conversation: on the drive home from the grocery store today.

DQ: "Where do trees come from? Do they have seeds?"
Quinn: "Yes. Acorns are tree seeds, and when the fall to the ground, they can grow new trees."
DQ: "But where did the first tree come from? From God?"
Quinn: "I don't know."
WB: "There is no God."
DQ: "Yes there is."
WB: "There is no God!"
DQ: "Yes there is!"

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Blogger Jade said...

3 hours is a rather long time... I went to a kid's party that ran about 3 hours once, but that was including driving time to go to Build-a-Bear (which, in and of itself, felt like a 6 hour experience. Yikes, it's loud in there.)

10:10 PM  
Anonymous kr said...

3 hours: SO AGREE

2 hours is the allowable length, unless it is a slumber party, in which case the parents get what they asked for(!)

'Glad to know your kids are taking up the theology.

I was just informed that the other day in preschool, death came up ... and some one of the kids was waxing all creative about "we will come back and play together just like this again" and my kid popped up with a very emphatic "No we won't!" ... apparently other parents have been fielding reincarnation/death questions now ;).

Ah, the fun of trying for simple-enough answers. As if even we were capable of knowing/understanding our full being-hood ;).

10:55 AM  
Blogger Quinn said...

We found a book at the library called "Old Turtle" which does a good job discussing different visions of God (and the fight over them). A really beautiful book.

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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