Thursday, November 06, 2008

What a difference a quadrennial makes

Top five things overheard after election day:

  • I was the first one in the office Wednesday. When the other woman in my dept came in, she asked, "Where are the guys?" I responded, "They are probably hung over."
  • When one of the guys came in: "Good morning! I'm a little hung over."
  • (Actually in an email) "I just wanted to give credit where credit is due - I remember... when he was running for the senate. You called your shot then, saying that he could be the next president. I still won't believe until I hear a concession speech, but you saw it before anyone else. Great call - and I don't have to move to Costa Rica if this holds."
  • From one of my students: "If you heard fireworks last night, that was probably me."
  • "I feel so much lighter."

    Top five things overheard four years ago (stolen from my previous blog):

  • "Is 9:30am too early to start drinking?"
  • "I wore my ass-kicking shoes today, and I'm looking for a fight."
  • "Oh for the days of Richard Nixon!"
  • "I haven't felt this bad since McGovern lost, and at least I knew he was going to lose."

    ... and my personal favorite...

  • "Well, I have to go lecture today on how a president can lie to his country to get involved in a war in Iraq... I mean Mexico."

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