Friday, November 23, 2007

Stolen from Corndog, who rocks my world

... but not in a "want to smoke a cigarette" type of way.

Things that I'll eat today (and yes, we're doing Tgiving on Friday this year, due to work schedules):
1. Turkey. I prefer dark meat. (Now THERE'S a double meaning!)
2. Pie. Non-pumpkin variety.
3. Brown'n'serve rolls.
4. Cranberry and apple crisp.
5. The world's best stuffing. Recipe courtesy of sister-in-law.

Things that I will NOT eat today:
1. Vegetables. Apart from the potato.
2. Alcohol. I guess you don't eat that. But still.
3. Pie. Pumpkin variety. Call me un-American, but I'm just not into it.
4. Sweet potatoes.
5. That marshmallow stuff on top of sweet potatoes.

Things I'm ambivalent about:
1. The beginning of holiday and family birthday season.
2. Shopping.
3. The upcoming visit of my mother-in-law.
4. My hair.
5. Coming up with five of these things.

Things that can bite me:
1. My new cold.
2. Lack of naps.
3. Wet socks.
4. Bush's foreign policy.
5. Bush's domestic policy.

Things that I'm thankful for:
1. My awesome job.
2. The beginning of college basketball season.
3. Kyle Singler, native son and stand-out freshman.
4. Upcoming trip down south and a reunion with cousins and several members of my study group.
5. Oh, yeah. And my family.

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Blogger Gary Oxford said...

Thanks. You know you rock my world too, even if you have questionable taste in basketball teams.

Hope your day after T-day featured plenty of the right kind of pie and no wet socks.

4:56 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

We had store-bought pumpkin pie. Blech. Though, on the other hand, it was probably better my aunt didn't make it.

9:36 AM  

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