Saturday, September 01, 2007

Back to School

So as I mentioned, there's a week until orientation. During that time, I'll get to do a quick visit with Julie, which makes me quite happy. But I'll also need to crack down and get things going. Is it time to reintroduce the remarkably effective for me (but tiresome and boring for my readers) to-do list blog posts? Maybe.

I'm teaching 3 classes this fall. Two are filled, one still remains quite small in enrollment. But unlike when I taught last year at the non-trad suburban U, this college has no enrollment problems. More importantly, two of them are classes outside of my major field, and I've never taught them before. Of course, if Elle can crank them out with almost no prep time (and bad textbooks) that she's been given, I should be able to keep my head above water. Or maybe I'll just have an even greater appreciation for the fantabulosity that is Elle!

In all honesty, except for the daunting commute, I'm extremely excited about this. It really feels like the start of my career. I've been received wonderfully by everyone I've come into contact with on campus, and now the student emails are starting to trickle in, which adds to the excitement. I've even got some ideals percolating for next year. (Horse first, cart next. Sorry.)

The kids go back to school on Wednesday. We've had a wonderful vacation, but I'll be glad to get back into the routine. WB especially needs some damn structure in his life. And with the new job, that structure includes waking them up and getting them to school by a specific time... something we've never done. (Ah, the life of a grad student!) Wish us luck with that one.

Finally, to all the parent-types and student-types and teacher-types out there, have a great semester. And as Rodney Dangerfield says, "Call me when you have no class."

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Anonymous kr said...

I've even got some ideals percolating for next year.

;). What a happy Freudian slip :).

5:49 AM  

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