Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shane Battier Rocks my World

He can't sing, but then, neither can I. We're perfect for each other.

h/t to my most fun friend and former roommate. Love ya.

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Blogger Neel Mehta said...

Strange tag you got there, "lusty wench."

This could branch out into a Musical Athletes We Love thread, and while Grant Hill never got his full props for playing "Tender Love" on the piano, I'd rather hijack this post and talk about karaoke.

Namely, what is YOUR karaoke song?

In groups, I can't go wrong as Fred Schneider in a B-52's song. Love Shack or Rock Lobster, doesn't matter.

Solo, it's "Just a Gigolo" by David Lee Roth. Get that song going and I AM Diamond Dave, even more than he is these days.

Singers and non-singers alike, what can you rock out?

11:10 PM  

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