Sunday, June 18, 2006

This is where we used to live

It's starting to hit home. Two more weeks in, er, Lawndale. And I'm starting to have those moments when I realize I'll be leaving a lot behind. And not just the air pollution and threat of hurricanes.

I've lived here for ten years. So here's the top ten things I'll miss about my adopted city:

10. My favorite Lebanese takeout restaurant. Cheap, good food. And the hummus is never too salty.

9. Forget that. All the restaurants. This town knows how to eat!

8. Professional sports teams that aren't truly repugnant socially.

7. The wildflowers along the highway.

6. 75 degree days in January. (But I'll trade them for 75 degree days in July.)

5. Crape Myrtle trees.

4. Our local folk music bar/Irish pub. Mmm...

3. My in-laws. (This is also a toss-up, since we're moving back to my homeland and consequently, Spouse's in-laws.)

2. My job. I've really enjoyed graduate school and the work I've accomplished here.

1. The friends I've made.


Blogger Elle said...

Re: Reason One. I get the feeling they'll miss you too. Lots!

11:41 AM  
Anonymous kr said...

#8 ... our team is trying to rehab itself. Really. The coach is pretty cool. If they don't crash entirely they'll probably be good in two years ... really, it'll be OK ...

Actually, the exciting games to watch, from what I hear, are lacrosse and soccer.

9:33 PM  
Blogger Jade said...

That's always tough to leave an adopted city. I recommend going out and taking pictures of all your favorite places (I did that prior to leaving Portland and Santa Cruz - it helps a lot to have pictures to look at)

10:28 PM  

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