Sunday, August 17, 2008

Random Bullets of Olympic Dreams

  • I'm in love. Not with Tunisian distance swimmer Oussama Mellouli as I briefly considered, but with a member of the women's US indoor volleyball team: Ogonna Nnamani. Stanford Grad in bio and chemistry, taking some time off before med school to spike it down your throat!!! She's wicked awesome.

  • My son wants to be Michael Phelps, but doesn't want to stick his face in the water.

  • On Friday night, chatting with the always intriguing Sco4tt (the 4 is silent), he told me his favorite sport was Modern Pentathlon. Invented by Coubertin (father of the modern games and topic of a previous post, who was most concerned in the aftermath of the Franco-Prussian War with France's, um, military shortcomings) this sport was to combine elements essential to a Frenchman's military success: pistol shooting, epee fencing, swimming, riding (equestrian show jumping) and cross-country running. I suggested adding in "faking a German accent."

  • Also from Friday night's convo, plus an email from the Divine Miss M: Ian Thorpe, Michael Phelps, or Matt Biondi?

  • We've found the ultimate sport my kids enjoy: Steelpechase. Run, jump over hurdle into puddle. Repeat.

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