Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Day

[K-wait: Whenever my delightful daughter (let's call her the Drama Queen or DQ) pretends to read a new book or tell me a story, she entitles it, "My Day."]

What I did today:

  • edited CV and cover letter for dream job.
  • researched dream job faculty a bit further. Cool!
  • set up tutorial with VC on WebCT so's I can put it on my CV (VC for CV, excellent.)
  • re-read what exists of my third chapter. Lots to do here.
  • sent off title and abstract to my contact for the April conference.
  • put in a good couple of hours on my second (money) job.

    To quote Helen, talk about an efficient use of quality time!

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    Anonymous mack said...

    edited CV and cover letter for dream job.

    Back off, Quinn. That ESPN gig is mine!

    5:03 PM  
    Blogger K-Lyn said...

    Think he'll ever get tired of that???

    I hope not.

    7:02 PM  

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